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Геокультурная экспедиция 2009

Вячеслав Кузнецов

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Геокультурная экспедиция 2009

Culture of Development through Culture of Security Moscow, 2009

The Encyclopaedia is an original scientific work devoted to the formation of a fundamental phenomenon which is most important for Russia and the whole of the world — culture of development of man, family, people, society, state, the entire world through their culture of security that has been basically formed. Such methodology and conceptualization may be realized by all the scientific community on the basis of understanding in principle the main meanings, concepts, constructs and notions which put together the content and structure of the sphere of culture of development, the sphere of culture of security. According to the author of the Encyclopaedia, formation, functioning, discussing, correcting of the theory of culture of development already adopted and functioning, will provide for further promoting effective creative activities in the field of preventing crucial consequences of climate changes in the context of the Copenhagen decisions of 2009 (December). The research work is oriented towards sociological, philosophical, political, cultural, ecological foundation and support of the formation of the author’s new theory, methodology and heuristics of culture of the 21st century global development of man, society and civilization, as being presented in the present and successive publications. Scientific results of the activities of V.N. Kuznetzov’s scientific school and the Department of Sociology of Culture, Education and Security of the Sociological Faculty of the Lomonosov Moscow State University have become methodological and conceptual basis for the Encyclopaedia.

The author, Vyacheslav Nikolayevich Kuznetzov, is a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Sociology, Professor.

The book is addressed to a wider circle of readers, students, postgraduates specializing in sociological sciences as well as to teachers, scientific workers, specialists taking interest in the problems of culture.